Remal” is the word for “sand” in the Arabic language.
Without the sand, there will be no forests.
Remal el Rayan is created out of love and respect for the desert environment and its
We hope to bring you here and share with you the blissfulness of being in the desert.
We believe there should be different options for different types of adventurers out there,
and that’s how Remal el Rayan was born.
Remal el Rayan Glamp is the first of its kind in Egypt and it introduces you to a luxurious
experience in the heart of the desert.
You are invited to stay overnight or you might as well just enjoy the day, but we promise
you will do it in style.
The camp features glamourous types of accommodation, like geodomes and innovating
architectural tent structures; a perfect mix of ultimate comfort within the vastness of the
We offer very well-appointed tents, that individually have two private showers and one
private jacuzzi. We took glamping to the next level.
Sleeping under the stars has a new meaning at Remal el Rayan.


Remal el Rayan Glamp is situated in Wadi El Rayan, a unique nature protectorate in
Fayum Governorate, Egypt.
We have chosen to glamp here, for its outstanding universal value on the map of world
history and history of evolution of Planet Earth (Whady el Hitan – most important in the
world site of its kind “Valley of the Whales” UNESCO), for its traditions evolving
around handcrafting (eg. pottery), for its easy accessibility from the capital city of Cairo

(1h 40 min/car), for its scenic desert landscape and increased interest from local and
international tourism.

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Sleep in style
Our unique concept provides you with luxurious accommodation that is sustainable designed
with local materials that blends in perfectly with the beauty of Sahara Desert. The architecture is
inspired by the look of the desert and dunes, using minimalistic structures and round shapes,
mirroring the nature in which is situated with the aim to respect it.
We offer a one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of the desert for those who have the adventure
spirit, the love for nature and at the same time want to experience comfort and luxury.
Our accommodation style is innovating and luxurious, respecting the ethics of the environment,
built with the help of the local community workforce.


We offer very spacious suites, two different architectures, geo-domes and safari suite , all
designed with a reception area with various amenities (mini-bar, kettle, expresso machine,
wardrobe) and large bathrooms, built as stand-alone permanent structures connected to the actual
geodesic dome, the actual room. This room is equipped with temperature control systems, they
have king size beds, sofa beds, with the possibility to add extra beds for bigger families. All the
accessories you need are present so you can feel like home.
Along with the high-end bathrooms, the suites surprise you with an outdoor shower for the hot
summers, outdoor jacuzzi (heated in the winter) overlooking the serene landscape of the Oasis
and the desert.
The suite has, as well, an outdoor private terrace and a traditional Bedouin seating area with a
tranquil fire pit where you can enjoy the stars at night and create the most special memories.
Capacity for occupancy: Up to 4 adults, or a family of 5
*1 safari suite 6*9m room, bathroom including outdoor shower 3/4m, jacuzzi 1,3/1,3 m net,
outdoor terrace 25 m2
* 2 geo-domes suites – lobby 2/2,8 m, room dome 6m diameter, Bathroom including outdoor
shower 4/4, jacuzzi 1,3/1,3 m net, outdoor terrace 20m2


The deluxe geo-domes, are the units smaller in size, equipped with temperature control systems,
twin beds, mini-bar, kettle, wardrobe connected to a permanent structure – high end bathrooms.
Outdoor terrace overlooking the suites and the landscape of the Oasis and the Desert.
Capacity for occupancy: Up to 3 adults or a family of 3
5m diameter ROOM, Bathroom 1, 5/2,8m
Outdoor terrace 16m2


We have our own restaurant “Lummayya” which means in the local Bedouin
dialect “the water”. We took inspiration from the area we are in as much as we
could, we want to enhance the authenticity of this place.
Our restaurant Lummayya it is an all-day dining place, people can come to try our
culinary experience, either in a time slot (3-6pm lunch, 6-9 pm dinner) or book a
day use and spend the day at the venue enjoying the surroundings and doing
different activities we have available for them.
The menu is a blend between the Bedouin traditional dishes, reinterpreted in a
classy way, and a variety of international special dishes.
The architecture of our restaurant it is probably our statement piece, created by
one of the partners in the project, by SIA Design Studio, who created a state of the
art project imitating the fluidity and grace of the desert dunes.
There are various seating areas, with dining table indoors, elegant wooden and
bamboo chairs, up to 85 seats. As for the outdoors there are lounges, dining
tables, and Bedouin set-ups with cushions, rugs where you can relax and be the
most comfortable, or sitting around the campfire serving Bedouin tea or
marshmallows. The outdoor seated area has a capacity up to 100 persons.
The restaurant, both indoors and outdoors is equipped with fans and ventilator
during summer time, or heaters during winter season.
The restaurant Lummayya comes, as well, with our dry bar Lummayya, where
you can find a various selection from coffees, teas, sodas and fresh juices,
everything that you wish, but in the heart of the desert.


160m2 Indoors,
400m2 Outdoors (200m2 on each side – desert view, 200m2 lake view)
Outdoor Restaurant premises – 2000m2?
-Preorder/ Food menu+ price
Text page: Eat, it’s a feast
Restaurant La-maya is our own restaurant ready to make you very happy with
delicious gourmet food inspired by the local bedouin cuisine.
– Activities list+ price:
Text: Take a deep breath, in and out
Now make the decision to have some good fun
Will you go for the adventure or will you go for the relaxation?
Either way it’s a sure way to happiness.

Along with the restaurant and accommodation we have created our own Adventure Hub, from
where you can choose activities such as, sand boarding, kids jungle, jeep safari, felucca by the
lake, horseback

Extra fees, reservation/cancelation no alcohol no drugs, no unmarried Egyptian couples,
children and pets’ policies etc.

Summer season is here!

As well as the Astronomy Season when many celestial events take place.

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