We have our own restaurant “Lummayya” which means in the local Bedouin dialect “the water”. We took inspiration from the area we are in as much as we could, we want to enhance the authenticity of this place.

Our restaurant Lummayya it is an all-day dining place, people can come to try our culinary experience, either in a time slot (3-6pm lunch, 6-9 pm dinner) or book a day use and spend the day at the venue enjoying the surroundings and doing different activities we have available for them.

The menu is a blend between the Bedouin traditional dishes, reinterpreted in a classy way, and a variety of international special dishes. 

The architecture of our restaurant it is probably our statement piece, created by one of the partners in the project, by SIA Design Studio, who created a state of the art project imitating the fluidity and grace of the desert dunes.

There are various seating areas, with dining table indoors, elegant wooden and bamboo chairs, up to 85 seats. As for the outdoors there are lounges, dining tables, and Bedouin set-ups with cushions, rugs where you can relax and be the most comfortable, or sitting around the campfire serving Bedouin tea or marshmallows. The outdoor seated area has a capacity up to 100 persons.

The restaurant, both indoors and outdoors is equipped with fans and ventilator during summer time, or heaters during winter season.


The restaurant Lummayya comes, as well, with our dry bar Lummayya, where you can find a various selection from coffees, teas, sodas and fresh juices, everything that you wish, but in the heart of the desert.


160m2 Indoors, 

400m2 Outdoors (200m2 on each side – desert view, 200m2 lake view)

Outdoor Restaurant premises – 2000m2?

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